Twill Clothing Boutique

This has been a fun month introducing newer neighbors to know in Sunnyside.

I hope everyone interested in Pilates is checking out our newest Pilates studio: Carpe Diem that I wrote about last week.

And. . . you may have already found Twill Clothing Boutique that opened up last summer in the busiest block of Belmont.

This post isn’t just a shout out about a great place to shop – we can all figure that out in no time on Belmont!

This is much more of a behind-the-scenes brag about just how great Portland is and how much cooler buying clothes can be if we know what goes into what comes into our neighborhood.

First of all, there is the talent of Audra Fleming.  She opened Twill 7 years ago on Division Street before moving over to Belmont.  She’s learned a lot along the way – about her customers (some loyal friends and customers who now have known her over 10 years), about herself and about clothes.

She must have figured out a whole lot of important things because every time I’m in awe of someone’s beautiful look in this neighborhood, I get the same reply to my compliment. . . “It’s from Twill.”

This is not a part of town where neighbors are known for buying lots of clothes . . . more for trading, swapping, sewing and just doing without much until the kids are grown which, I think, explains why Twill is that place to pop into for a really unique treat.

Mamas need a boost now and then and not at a price point so high you feel guilty splurging on it.  Twill’s clothes are great quality for the cost and meant to dazzle or last or both.

Audra knows the story and cares about the story behind everything she carries. I love that she’s friends with so many of the people she buys from – like the skirts she carries from local designer Karina Potestio‘s adult line. Potestio is a native Guatemalan who started making skirts for her own girls growing up in Portland. She now runs her clothing assembly line in her Portland home and has just been able to bring her mom here from Guatamala to help out.

All of us can help pick what comes into Twill next if we want to come by the Una Pluma Trunk Show this weekend.  I know, I know, a trunk show sounds like something fancy and expensive and, I’m sure, in New York, it is.  But for Audra, it’s a chance for the designer of Una Pluma, Elana Seskin, to bring in her whole line made from organic cotton, bamboo and hemp and let us help decide what stays on for the season.

One of Una Pluma’s main goals is to help reduce the negative impact of clothing production on the environment with steps such as avoiding conventionally grown cotton which uses more pesticides than almost any other crop in the world.

You can see their beautiful clothes and say hi to Audra and her assistant Allison while you try everything on all weekend long this Friday – Sunday 10:30-6:30,  If you want to have an aspiring clothing designer growing up in your family meet Elana, she’ll be at the store to answer questions as say thank you Sunnyside 3-6pm on Saturday.


Love our local shops!  Hope you do too.