Historic Hawthorne Rentals

Inner Southeast has plenty of coffee shops, great restaurants and sweet parks but not a whole lot of places to put up relatives and friends when they come in to town.

Short of starting our own Air B&B through the co-op (not a bad idea if someone wants to get ambitious . . .), here are a few good things to know about places to stay in and around Hawthorne.

I’ve written several times over the past few years about Historic Hawthorne Rentals run by former co-op members and ongoing local business sponsors: Shelley Carmichael and Chris Landis. For many years now they offered a good-while-it-lasted way to reserve 9 different places all a stone’s throw from the swap shop for days or weeks at at time.

The city does have some rules and restrictions that have made it so that all the fully furnished places you see listed on their web site now need to be rented by the month.

That’s actually a great thing if someone you know is just coming in to Portland or moving out, renovating in place (great way to test your partnership and your sanity) or able to come visit Portland for a month at a time.

With the popularity of anything you can rent or buy in this part of Portland, all of the units but one are already rented out in June and July. Their three bedroom Hawthorne Condo is still available for the month of June and even more of their places are available if you are planning ahead for the fall.

Shelley handles rental arrangements and Chris’s great workmanship is in every unit. When he’s not maintaining their properties, he is working for a lot of us doing kitchen and bath remodels and other home improvement projects. His favorite challenge and something he really enjoys . . refurbishing garages and basements into mother-in-law spaces.

If you are interested in getting a bid from him, you have plenty of local places to check out his work and see how it holds up to steady use.

Another best-kept-secret of the Sunnyside neighborhood – that gets a whole lot of steady use but is almost unknown to many of us – is the Hawthorne Hostel.

I know I would put the hostel stay in the category of what young back packers do to save money. Plenty of that going on at the Hawthorne Hostel to be sure. Having just taken a behind-the-scenes tour with my daughter’s class of all their sustainable community practices, I walked away with a much broader idea of what our neighborhood hostel can be for all of us.

You may not want to suggest a bunk in the hostel’s co-ed dorm to your great aunt coming into town for a baby shower but I can think of plenty of adventurous friends of mine who travel with their kids that would appreciate knowing that the Hawthorne Hostel has 2 private rooms, one with a double bed and a private porch (the Bagby), and one with a double bed and set of bunk beds (know as the Family Room). Both go for a reasonable $60 a night (plus a few other charges depending on who you are, how many of you, etc.).

And . . . if you have that relative that likes to talk everyone’s ear off . . . he or she can get a half dozen engaging conversations in before breakfast in the communal kitchen or the very international front lounge with younger and older travelers from all over the world, like the friendly older gentleman I got a chat in with who was born in Italy, living in Australia and traveling to Portland.

We don’t have to be coming in from out of town to benefit from some of the best practices of international hosteling. The Hawthorne Hostel has a free room for community meetings (seats a dozen people pretty comfortably) and a pretty popular potluck brunch open to locals and travelers 11-1:30 every Sunday.

You need reservations for the community room (just call up and ask) but no reservations (except conquering your own about talking to strangers) to join in for brunch.

Joining in is what community is all about. A whole list of great places and people that make the Sunnyside neighborhood special are along the side of our web site every day. ->

If you want to explore some of the more clever accommodations in Sunnyside . . .

Everything you need to know to reach out to Shelley about a monthly rentals is listed at: <a href=”http://www.historichawthornrentals.com”>www.historichawthornrentals.com</a>

To reach Chris Landis for a home renovation project:
(503) 750-1444

Questions about a stay, or brunch or reserving some community room time, contact the very cool staff at:

<a href=”http://www.portlandhostel.org/”>Portland Hostel/Hawthorne District</a>
3031 SE Hawthorne Blvd