Hawthorne Gardens

For several years now, Hawthorne Gardens Senior Living Community has hosted a sweet evening of Halloween activities for the whole Sunnyside neighborhood.

I had a lot of fun checking it out last year . . . a nice win, win for neighborhood families and the residents of this assisted living and memory care community.

The haunted house, games and crafts are super fun (and free).  It feels like you are walking up to the front of a great big mansion when you come in to all the festivities from the corner of Taylor and 28th.

This Know Your Neighbors post part fun info for Halloween and part resources when we really need them for ailing parents and grandparents.

If no one in your life is teetering on the edge of needing more care at home or a whole new place to live, just skip on down to the bottom of this post for those haunted house and trick or treat locations and times but . . . before you do, I highly recommend reading just one more paragraph for some really helpful resource information.

I’ve so enjoyed writing about Lawrence Convalescent over the years that these posts have been going out to Sunnyside families and it’s great to have Hawthorne Gardens as a new Know Your Neighbor sponsor because . . . Sarah Harwood, Community Outreach Director at Hawthorne Gardens, has been an instrumental part of setting up a really helpful southeast neighborhood senior living exchange.

With the exchange, we can now check in for information at the one senior living/senior care place we are most familiar with and get answers about dozens of options in and near our neighborhood without having to go place to place to place just at the time when we are crunched for time and really needing answers.

I’m sure I am missing a few of the communities she is now well connected with through their SE Marketing Exchange but I do know that. . .

Emerson House
Laurelhurst Village
Marquis at Mt Tabor
Courtyard at Mt Tabor
Odd Fellow Holgate Community
Emeritus at Sellwood
Prestige of Reedwood
Lawrence Convalescent
and Hawthorne Gardens

All share rates, availability, and information with each other. Sarah can tell you who takes Medicaid, who has the different kinds of care: independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing.

She’s an amazing resource and often hosts free seminars about eldercare health and legal issues that we’d be wise to know about well before we or our parents are struggling.

I’ll be posting about her upcoming seminars. In November Hawthorne Gardens brings to us “It all begins with a conversation” Please join them for a discussion with Dr. Joanna C. Fisher from Columbia Gorge Chiropractic. Hear about how nutrition, supplements, botanicals, hydrotherapy, and homeopathy can optimize your immune system and help you fight flu season. The date is November 20th @ 6 p.m. I look forward to attending a few myself and writing them up for the rest of us (just in case getting a sitter for anything other than that once a year date is still as many years away as that other kind of assisted living).

Whether it’s knowing where the trusted car repair is or a real estate agent with great contractor recommendations from years of experience or that this senior care exchange information is just a phone call away, knowing who can really help is one of the best feelings for me as a parent (with aging parents) and I hope it is for you too.

Now if thinking about aging isn’t scary enough for you . . . here’s more things to know about the Hawthorne Gardens Haunted House and everything else going on Halloween in and around Belmont.

6-8pm Halloween at Hawthorne Gardens

corner of Taylor and 28th

Haunted House (super great for elementary)

Fortune telling, crafts, hearty food (to balance out the sugar intake) and carnival style games.

4-7pm Treats and Trinkets up and down Belmont

25th-50th: list of local business locations and goodies give out at www.belmontdistrict.org

I’ll write more about this in the next few days . . .

Definitely worth checking out if you have older kids that want an early start on collecting the biggest bag of trinkets and treats ever and if you have little ones with early bedtimes and short attention spans.

6-8pm Know Your Neighbors Toy and Candy Trading Post

The cutest and coolest things are showing up at my house as toy donations for our revival of the neighborhood place to trade candy for candy and candy for toys.

Know Your Neighbors board members and I will be just outside the Belmont Firehouse at 35th and Belmont with bowls and bowls of sweet and fun trading options.   I’m hoping people drop off their Mounds and Almond Joys.  Happy to help you with your excess coconut 🙂