Daniel Caplan and the Green Microgym

It’s been an interesting journey seeing what was open and what was not over the past few days of the big Portland snow storm.  It was all a good reminder to me that this is a perfect time to do a Know Your Neighbors shout out for The Green Microgym.

Short of a power outage, this is a place that will always open when the web site says it is because you are the one who flips on the lights and turns on the sound system if you are the first to arrive and the one who gets to save some energy by flipping everything off as you leave.

No need to wonder if the staff could get to work that day.  If you can get there (just off Belmont on 34th), you can work out.  It’s that simple.

If all you really need is a place to work out, Green Micro Gym is a popular spot “for the rest of us.” Nothing fancy, no status symbol bells and whistles, just an affordable, straight forward place to lift, stretch and do cardio.

Dan Caplan runs it simple, with a code keypad on the door and a message board for the workout community to give him feedback so your paying for just what you really need – a place out of the elements to get a good workout.

He’s got the neighborhood businesses rooting for you to work out too.  Count your cardio hours and you can earn gift certificates to local restaurants and businesses to reward yourself for the effort.

If it’s been awhile since your last work out or you have a new physical need, Dan has five great personal trainers listed on the web site.

Age and a few additions to the family have a way of leaving us in a different place with a really small amount of time to do many more things.  A bit more gym knowledge and someone to help us push through is a good thing.

Rates for personal sessions vary by trainer but you can get a lot done with a small package of sessions.

Our local solution for where to go and what to do:

The Green Microgym

Daniel Caplan

828 SE 34th Avenue, Suite B (just off Belmont across the street from Cosmic and the Hobnob Grill)


(503) 313-6216