Computer Help and Family Photos




I don’t know about you but I am much better at stacking up photos inside my phone or camera than I am at transferring them to a more secure place, cataloging them so I can find them later and, heaven forbid, actually finding the time for displaying them in books, on walls or as wallpaper.

Our Roost sponsor, Scott Buntin, of ASAP Mac and PC Services won’t do our scrap-booking for us but he can do a whole lot to make sure we all have something to scrapbook.

We’re coming to the end of the summer so I am guessing I am not the only person with a whole new set of precious family photos at risk . . . .one lost phone or crashed hard drive away from having fond memories but no proof we were ever there.
Scott Buntin started his own firm, ASAP Mac and PC Services , to help families and small businesses in 2006.  Since 2007, he has been keeping our Roost computers running and our web site on line in between making house calls to visit co-op members and others with lost data and misbehaving computers.


Scott recovers hard drives, saves family photos, sets up small business networks and helps you decide when it’s prudent to upgrade what you have and when it’s time to recycle the old system and start over.

As a friendly, local, independent, reasonable computer geek he saves us money and hassle (and perhaps even a few tense family relations) by scouting out that next computer, printer and/or wireless feature and then setting it up and training us up so it really works the way we need it to.   Can’t begin to tell you how many calls he gets in some sort of reasonable or less than reasonable waiting period after one or more family members spends a few weeks or months promising to “get to that.”

Scott gets to it right away.  

Each project: data recovery, back up or internet/wireless set up, computer purchases, data transfers and training and even some simple web work usually fits pretty easily into a one or two hour service call for $80 to $160.  Describe to Scott what you think you need and he can quote a not-to-exceed rate so there are no surprises.

If you like to delay his trip out to your house for that aging desktop that finally overheated and crashed . . .one do it yourself trick is to buy a can of compressed air for just a few dollars at the hardware store and take the time once a year to remove the case on the tower to blow off what’s accumulated.  You’d be amazed what all can get inside that little air intake grill, especially if you have pets, and block the air cooling needed for PC’s. 

Our most affordable option for everything that’s portable: Scott hosts community computer days every Wednesday morning, including this Wednesday, 9-noon at TaborSpace community coffee house.  When you drop in on a Wednesday, he doesn’t have to charge a one hour minimum if it only takes 15 minutes to solve your problem. If you haven’t already been to Tabor Space, it’s a beautiful gathering space with great coffee and pastries and a kid’s play area in the old Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church at 55th and Belmont.

And who knows, for $20 you and Scott might finally get that set of pictures off your phone or that one function you’ve been going about the long way to actually work like it’s supposed to.

When neighborhoods work like their supposed to, we have lots of affordable, local resources and great relationships that help make life a little better.


You can reach Scott Buntin at:

ASAP Mac and PC Services

503 255-2419 or 503 933-5528