Twill Clothing Boutique

This has been a fun month introducing newer neighbors to know in Sunnyside. I hope everyone interested in Pilates is checking out our newest Pilates studio: Carpe Diem that I wrote about last week. And. . . you may have already found Twill Clothing Boutique that opened up last summer in the busiest block of Belmont. […]

Hobnob Grille

  What does our newest Roost sponsor, The Hob Nob Grill, and the Sunnyside Swap Shop have in common?  We are both big fans of community. When Jason Heller took over the restaurant gathering space one block off Belmont on 34th, he quickly realized that it would need to be a real local’s watering hole […]

Building up immunity with The Herb Shoppe

There’s a big storm brewing on the East Coast that, thankfully, everyone can see coming and plan for. Every year, there’s a combination of factors that brew the perfect storm for our immunity systems too and this week’s Know Your Neighbor post is all about the resources we have to plan ahead to weather the […]

Carpe Diem – 4220 SE Belmont – 503 802 7373

CoreAlign | Carpe Diem Pilates | 4220 SE Belmont St | 503 802 7373

Some very enthusiastic community members have been nudging and nudging me to write about the unique benefits of Pilates for a good long time now and two things had been stopping me . . . Not yet having a Pilates studio as a Know Your Neighbors sponsor and wanting to make sure I have good reasons to […]

Carpet Cleaning by Bike

I’ve often said that our Know Your Neighbor posts are, at the very core, an electronic extension of good old fashion word-of-mouth recommendations . . . . tips between neighborhs on who’s great to do business with in our inner SE neighborhoods. The story of this post starts with my daughter answering the door a […]

Hawthorne Gardens

For several years now, Hawthorne Gardens Senior Living Community has hosted a sweet evening of Halloween activities for the whole Sunnyside neighborhood. I had a lot of fun checking it out last year . . . a nice win, win for neighborhood families and the residents of this assisted living and memory care community. The haunted house, games and […]

The Real Estate Web

Each quarter, I get to dive into all things real estate in the Sunnyside neighborhood to send this email out for all of us to check out what’s going on in home sales, rentals, renovations and repairs. It will come as no new news to anyone who has been attempting to move into this or […]

Melissa Guthrie, Mortgage Direct

Living more simply and making more local connections is a great way to upsize the richness of our lives and downsize the time we spend commuting away from our home to be able to come back and pay for it. Our newest Roost business sponsor, mortgage broker Melissa Guthrie, knows that living simple and local […]

Daniel Caplan and the Green Microgym

It’s been an interesting journey seeing what was open and what was not over the past few days of the big Portland snow storm.  It was all a good reminder to me that this is a perfect time to do a Know Your Neighbors shout out for The Green Microgym. Short of a power outage, this […]

Historic Hawthorne Rentals

Inner Southeast has plenty of coffee shops, great restaurants and sweet parks but not a whole lot of places to put up relatives and friends when they come in to town. Short of starting our own Air B&B through the co-op (not a bad idea if someone wants to get ambitious . . .), here […]


The more I get to know our local businesses in SE Portland, the more reasons I have to brag with complete assurance about what a treasure they all are to our community. I had a friend who worked in management for Sears who would entertain us with stories about executive directives to do things like […]

Hawthorne Auto

  What better day to be talking about cold weather car care than the first snowy morning of the season. Liz and Jim at Hawthorne Auto Clinic are two of my favorite role models for how to run a business and how to take care of a car.  I’ll brag about how well they take […]

Parkside Orthodontics

Hopefully, this email will save you from having to spend that first hour in the orthodontist office. I think I just spent it for you, asking all the questions any parent might ask. Here are the answers I got from Dr. Rebecca Kuperstein who has been treating children and adults as the only inner southeast […]

Computer Help and Family Photos

      I don’t know about you but I am much better at stacking up photos inside my phone or camera than I am at transferring them to a more secure place, cataloging them so I can find them later and, heaven forbid, actually finding the time for displaying them in books, on walls or […]