Carpe Diem – 4220 SE Belmont – 503 802 7373

Some very enthusiastic community members have been nudging and nudging me to write about the unique benefits of Pilates for a good long time now and two things had been stopping me . . .

Not yet having a Pilates studio as a Know Your Neighbors sponsor and wanting to make sure I have good reasons to promote the significant financial and time investment of a well directed Pilates practice to our diverse community of families.
A good two years after I started on this journey, this post has turned into much more than a shout out for Pilates and more of an ode to what coordinated chiropractic care, naturopathic medicine and well guided Pilates can do to address back and shoulder pain, fertility, incontinence and pelvic health.
If you are willing to take a minute for some connected medical care information, we can walk together through Carpe Diem, a brand new Pilates studio on Belmont, check out pelvic massage to help fertility and general female health at The Herb Shoppe and revisit my earlier post about treatment to eliminate post-birthing incontinence at Elemental Medicine.
Pilates, like any other exercise, works only if you really do the work and it works best if you are working out with someone who can guide you safely past what you already know into what you don’t yet know.  That can make a significant difference. Think coaching on how to better move your mid section and you’re on the path of what Pilates work does best.  With that better mid section awareness and strength comes a whole lot more power, health and pain relief.
If you walk, ride or drive past Carpe Diem (in the same building as Slappy Cakes right before the food carts) you’ll see machines meant to teach and tone. What you won’t see is 20-30 people in a class.
There are only a handful of people, like Oprah for instance, who can afford an ongoing personal trainer and personal chef. The rest of us get to figure out how to eat healthy and work out with way less.
Taking a 5 week class series at Carpe Diem with 6 or less people in your class can be the best of both worlds – having the quality of instruction of a personal trainer with the inspiring energy of working out with a group.  For slightly more that what a drop in yoga class would cost, you can work and learn twice a week on weekdays or for longer Saturday sessions once a week.
My friends – men who’ve been through body affecting car accidents and women who needed to get their groove back after birth – have told me over and over again how well Pilates works when almost nothing else does. I’m excited to have Tari Norris’s studio, Carpe Diem, as one of our newest Know Your Neighbor sponsors and newest exercise/fitness options in Sunnyside.
Whether you are brand new to Pilates or want to check out what’s unique about their approach before signing up for a longer progressive training series, there are two one-time $15 CoreAlign classes at the studio this Wed and next Wed at 5:30.
CoreAlign was designed by a physical therapist to incorporate the benefits of Pilates into a standing, weight-bearing exercise.  To Tari’s knowledge, Carpe Diem has the only group CoreAlign facility in the Portland area – great for building and maintaining bone density, improving skeletal alignment, core musculature, and pelvic stability.
They are taking paid reservations for the classes (just 6 people per class) with this week’s class almost full so they will add a second class at 6:45 pm this Wednesday if more than 6 people RSVP.
Mentioning that you heard about the studio from our Sunnyside Families list serve is good for 20% off of your first class series starting next week.  I’d love to quote your class series experience in our next write up about Carpe Diem. Please let me know how Pilates goes for you.  Their schedule and the flyer for the intro classes is attached.
Tari is wisely getting to know the naturopaths and chiropractors in and around Sunnyside because many people come to Pilates as the next natural step to rebuild strength after an injury or spike in chronic pain.  I’ve gotten connected to some really great practitioners from being treated first at the Herb Shoppe.
One of our best practitioners for women’s health has just moved part of her practice into the Herb Shoppe.  Former swap shop memberKathryn Kloos focuses on women’s pelvic health, treating endometriosis, ovarian cysts, post partum health issues and fertility issues from causes such as a prolapsed uterus with a combination of naturopathic medicine and body work including Maya abdominal massage which is especially helpful in birth preparation and facilitating a shorter labor.
While you are waiting for Obama Care to figure itself out, her $150 first time session, with a whole hour of intake/treatment planning and another full hour of body work, is worth every penny.  She does take most forms of insurance and there is a lot of peace of mind and some really amazing results that can come from coordinating medical care and exercise and diet.
I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I posted about Dr Carrie Ebling at Elemental Medicine specializing, as part of her chiropractic practice, in working with women who have pelvic floor challenges (incontinence, pelvic pain). Sometimes we just forget to acknowledge how much pregnancy and birth, even under the best of circumstances, significantly alters women’s bodies.

Both Kathryn and Carrie are well trained to do internal muscle manipulations and adjustments that make a big difference in everything from being successful in that new exercise program to getting functionality back in areas that you thought might be lost forever.

I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned on this journey to find out what’s special about Pilates and how many interconnected services and unique and effective treatments I’ve discovered along the way.

I do wish I could have also discovered a pot of gold to fund everyone’s easy access to the treatments and services and instructors that bring so much health and wellbeing to our neighborhood.  Baring a leprechaun sighting on this fine St. Patrick’s Day, I vote we all do what we can to invest in ourselves and invest in each other.