Become a Sponsor

Well supported local businesses are the heartbeat of a sustainably community.

The Know Your Neighbors Sponsorship Program is a way for community members to find out more about local businesses and services and for local businesses and services to reach out to the community.

We believe in the triple win of providing:

  • Great local resources for families
  • Affordable ways for local businesses to connect with clients and customers
  • Access for neighborhood youth to enrichment programs and positive mentors

Our Local Business Sponsors Agree to Provide the Following:

  • A one year sponsorship commitment continuing on past the initial agreement period month by month until sponsorship relationship is ended in writing.
  • Sponsorship fees of $25-$100 per month (automatically debited from a bank account)
  • Recommended monthly donation amount is $60 per sponsor, larger amounts gratefully accepted and smaller amounts suggested for sole proprietor businesses and newly started businesses.

The Foundation Currently Provides the Following:

  • Business card sized listing on the Know Your Neighbor website that rotates order with other business listings
  • Quarterly email recognition in the Sunnyside Environmental School Family list serve  (500+ families total) who live in or frequent the Sunnyside Area


Statement of Understanding:

The Know Your Neighbor Foundation is operated as a project of the Charitable Partnership Fund, a 501c(3) organization dedicated to providing neutral, third party solutions so donors, for-profits and non-profits can link together to achieve program and funding goals.

The Foundation’s operational fees will be no more than 10% of funds collected to cover basic operating expenses and 90% or more of all funds collected will be provided to non-profit programs that have a history of providing equal access to families of all socio-economic circumstances.

At the time of this agreement, monthly donor funds after expenses are being distributed to the Sunnyside Environmental School Go Fund for 2015/16 school year K-8th grade equal access to over night and daytime school trips to study the environment.

A foundation advisory board sets the distribution of funds.  Donors are notified in email updates about any changes in fund distribution and receive annual thank you letters at the end of each fiscal year acknowledging donations for tax purposes.

This type of sponsorship is a long term investment in community that yields a slow and steady affect on public opinion.  Donors are asked to commit to at least three months of sponsorship at a time and ideally to make donor decisions year by year so the programs benefiting from ongoing scholarship funds can project the available distribution of revenue to cover students and families in their programs.

To discuss if a Know Your Neighbor sponsorship relationship with the Sunnyside neighborhood is a good match for your business or to start a Know Your Neighbor program in your neighborhood, contact Know Your Neighbor Foundation board member, Jarrett Altman,  at .