About Know Your Neighbors

The Know Your Neighbors program began in 2008 to help the Sunnyside Swap Shop Co-op offer equal access to The Roost after school program for middle schoolers.

Many of our current sponsors including the Hawthorne Auto Clinic  have been with us since our very first year.  Thank you Sunnyside businesses for your community spirit and financial generosity!

When the Sunnyside Swap Shop Co-op was asked to move out of the Sunnyside United Methodist Church location in the summer of 2013, our best option for new space was in a new neighborhood.   The Know Your Neighbor Foundation was formed to be able to keep close to $1,000 per month in local community funding continuing to flow to local family programs.

The Sunnyside famlies list serve, an offshoot of the original list serve for the Sunnyside Swap Shop Co-op, with over 500 families receiving emails, remained active in the Sunnyside neighborhood to continue to network family to family and continue to acknowledge our generous local businesses supporting community.

The Southside Swap and Play, the swap shop’s relocated family co-operative growing up in Woodstock at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church, set up a separate family list serve and began connecting with local Woodstock businesses to pay back and pay forward family scholarships and help encourage supporting local businesses as well.

Once the Roost program ended in the spring of 2015, it made sense to shift all fundraising from the Know Your Neighbors Foundation to benefit the Go Fund at Sunnyside Environmental School and begin acknowledging donors to Know Your Neighbor through the Sunnyside Environmental School family list serve which also reaches over 500 families.