Welcome to Know Your Neighbors!

The Know Your Neighbors Foundation was established on  September 1st, 2013 to build on four great years of successful community fundraising in the Sunnyside neighborhood.   Run through the Charitable Partnership Fund, Know Your Neighbors is providing an expanded third party solution for local Portland, Oregon businesses to donate to multiple family/youth programs.

The goal of the Know Your Neighbors Foundation is to raise money for local causes and help connect local families with local businesses.  90% of all funds collected are distributed to non-profit organizations that provide scholarshipped program access to youth and families.

Monthly posts about Know Your Neighbors businesses through the Sunnyside Environmental School family list serve help connect local families with great business service resources so we can all live local, support each other as neighbors and strengthen community ties.

You can read posts about Know Your Neighbor businesses and see our recommendations for great local neighbor businesses by clicking on the business cards on this web site.

If you know a local business that neighbors would value or a family that would benefit from being better connected to community resources, join us in knowing our neighbors . . .

The Sunnyside neighborhood (between Stark and Hawthorne and SE 28th and 49th) is the original neighborhood for Know Your Neighbors funding.

Interested in growing more participation in this neighborhood, contact Know Your Neighbors Foundation board member, Jarrett Altman at jarrett@nworksrealty.com.   To start a Know Your Neighbor Foundation in another Portland, Oregon neighborhood,  contact Charitable Partnership Fund founder, Jonathan Harms at cpfgives@aol.com.